Media Buying

Turning Ad Budgets to Quality Leads without Overspending

We have built a tactical acquisition strategy for your PPC Ads Campaigns. So you get a great return on ad spend for key paid acquisition channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads.

You can avail Coaching-Industry Specific acquisition processes and frameworks for your Training Business, which our expert Media Buyers and Campaign Managers use for our Clients' accounts.

❇️   Audience Research

❇️   Audience Testing

❇️   Creative Testing

❇️   Profit and Performance Projection

❇️   Scaling & Building more profitable ad campaigns

❇️   Outranking your competition

❇️    Daily Account Analysis

❇️   Weekly Reporting

❇️   Insights and Further Action Steps

Data-Driven Ads

Creative Geniuses coupled with Data nailing your Ads Content and Designs

By analyzing data and using conversion copywriting we Write, Design and Run Ads that drive high CTR and Good Quality Scores. The result? Low CPAs (Cost per Acquisition) and High Sales/Conversion Rates for your PPC Ads Campaigns Month on Month.

Facebook/Google’s philosophy has always relied on its user feedback. Thus we curate highly relevant content, language, and context for your Ads that relate to the keywords and interests of your audience. And this guarantees good performance.

❇️   Audience Survey and Research

❇️   Buyer Persona Creation

❇️   Data-Driven Ads Strategy

❇️   Video Ads Scripts Writing

❇️   Mood Deck Creation

❇️   Static Ads Content and Design

❇️    Insights and Iterations

Video Production and Editing

Shooting Scroll Stopping Ads for your Brand

We help you bring the craziest ideas, concepts, and scripts to life visually with a team of video production experts and editors. This gives us full control over the quality of your videos and other visual assets that go out into the world.

Video Ads are a Gateway between your Customers and your Brand. By working on high-quality Ad videos we indirectly work on increasing the perceived value of your brand, the attention-grabbing power, and overall conversion rates.

❇️   Direction

❇️   Cinematography

❇️   Video Ads Shoot 

❇️   Editing

❇️   Analysis and Insight Reporting

Landing Page and CRO

Maximizing Signups with Conversion Optimized Landing Pages

Get a more structured and strategic approach to building your Landing Page right from Conceptualization, Copy, Design, and finally Optimization.

We use Research and Data that is based on Heuristic Analysis, Google Analytics, User Psychology, and Behavior Analysis, with A/B Testing using various tools to continually improve your Landing Page conversion rate for High Performance.

❇️   Audience and Competitor Research

❇️   Conceptualization

❇️   Copy and Offer Strategy

❇️    Design and Development

❇️   Performance Analysis and Reporting

❇️   Landing Page Optimization

❇️   A/B Testing


Touch Base With Your Customers with Whatsapp/Email CRM

We help nurture your Acquired Leads to turn them into Loyal Customers at the right time by maximizing the Webinar Attendance Rate, Establishing a Rapport of your Customers, Providing Assistance, and Staying top of Mind of your Customers.

It is anywhere from five to 25 times less expensive, to retain customers over acquiring new ones. We help you grow your bottom line profits and optimize budgets by using a customer retention strategy to Connect with and Retain your best Leads using Whatsapp/Email or Messaging Services.

❇️   Journey Creation

❇️   Email Copies

❇️   Email Dashboard Set Up (Getresponse)

❇️   Whatsapp Follow-Up Sequences

❇️   Analysis and Insight Reporting

Webinar Strategy

Maximizing your Webinar Upsell Profits with the Perfect Sales Pitch

We use a step-by-step process for researching, planning, and drafting a sales webinar that’ll make your Razorpay or any other Payment Solution, ping with a "Successful Payment" notification after notification.

With real-time analytics based on data from various sources, including Ad campaigns, customer research, demographics, and indepth understanding of your Level 2 and Level 3 products, we can draft the perfect webinar sales pitch for you, to convert your quality leads into paying customers.

❇️   Webinar Offer Analysis

❇️   Webinar Pitch Deck

❇️   Webinar Content Review 

❇️   Optimization 

❇️   Analysis and Insight Reporting

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